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Hey loves!!
Cat & Kiki here to welcome you to Self Fixated! We are two sisters who always dreamed of owning/running a brand together & since 2020 we have made that dream come true! Self Fixated was born because we wanted to reclaim the idea that being self fixated is the same as being self centered. We never believed that! For us, being self fixated means you are focused on yourself because you know who you are & you know your worth. To be honest the world would be a better place if everyone was self fixated! We all should be!! We're all amazing people in our own unique ways & we should express that!
We love experimenting with different ideas & making fun graphic tees with ironic funny phrases! We design & make every item you see on our site! We are a two women show, so we take care of all content, designing, support, making items, packing/shipping, everything!
We're all about people falling in love with themselves & not giving a single f*% what people think. You can't be bothered by the opinions of others if you're SELF FIXATED.
Thank you for shopping with us & just a reminder, YOU ARE SO HOT!
xoxo cat & kiki 

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